How adding 3D printing has helped improve V&P in many ways

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Delaware, OH — V&P Hydraulics has added 3D printing into its routine cylinder making process in a move that owners believe will help cut costs, make better use of resources and provide useful visual prototypes.

The addition of 3D printing of prototype cylinders will provide V&P Hydraulics customers with better accessibility to prototypes and faster estimates while helping to reduce both resource and time waste. Creating a smaller replica during the prototype process can provide insights into product design that may be missed on paper but before a full-size expensive prototype is produced.

The goal V&P Hydraulics aims to achieve with this new innovating improvement is to help provide the most for its clients by providing the best quality and value possible. In addition to the cost savings from adding 3D printing into the prototype process, the models will also provide customers with an idea of how the finished cylinder will look. Along side with the many safety and quality improvements V&P Hydraulic Products has made over the years, for example the clean room was added in 2018 as part of V&P’s six sigma journey toward manufacturing excellence.

V&P Hydraulic Products designs, manufactures, and delivers high-quality custom cylinders for heavy duty machines. The company was founded in 1937, and has been focused specifically on designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders since 1946. V&P leverages its decades of experience and advanced engineering capabilities to solve construction and machinery problems with creative, custom-designed welded hydraulic cylinders at the lowest possible cost.

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