On May 21st one of our engineers attended the Battelle Award Ceremony. This is a ceremony for middle schoolers who desire to pursue a career in engineering for a living.

STEMPossible club is an organization committed to showing, teaching and helping middle schoolers discover the wonders that come from science, technology, engineering and math. These students get the opportunity to engage in fun activities that relate to those topics. Some of the activities involved going to different work sites, visit Cosi, build robots and much more.

Jeffrey Severt on our engineering team, coached a middle school STEM team for their opportunity to learn about all the fun aspects of being an engineer. He spent his Thursday afternoons showing middle schoolers how much fun you can have in engineering. He worked with them on their hydraulic project in preparation for their big presentation at the end of the year and many more. 

Pictured: Jeffrey (Co-advisor for the STEMPossible Club), Tajudeen (Advisor for the Second Ward Community Initiative SWCI), Aimee (Senior VP at Battelle), Ella (one of my students), Brande (Director of Community Impact at the United Way Strengthening Families Hub), and Marie (Advisor for the STEMPossible Club).